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    track network during bootup

    is there a way to catch network traffic during boot up?

    obviously i can not use wireshark/etherial as i want to catch any info during boot up

    is there anything in the sys logs hidden away or is there an application you could suggest?

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    You could put your computer onto a hub and sniff traffic across the hub... I can't think of any software you're going to find that will do the trick for you.

    That being said... You could implement something like ippl (now that's going back aways.. I don't know if it's even being supported these days) if you're running Linux and arrange the startup script for it so that it starts before the network.. However I'm not sure how you'll deal with binding it to an interface since the interface won't be up yet. You could edit the network startup script to run it immediately after the interface comes up or run it the ippl (or equivalent) script immediately after the network startup script.
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    i think that is what i will do
    be the most simple thing to do

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    wouldn't a crossover and another pc running ethereal do the trick?

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