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    It wasn't me it was the cat/my roommate wot done it?

    Who polices the policemen?

    I saw this and found it mildly amusing.............it goes to show that you cannot be too careful, and I sure as hell wouldn't trust a judge and jury in an IT security matter......... would you?


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    Its a problem I face every day. Logs and such can tell you exactly which pc, when and who was logged on at the time. Without CCTV or RFID chips on users persons (which, seems to be imminent) you can't tell who is actually AT the keyboard. If only everyone set their passwords to ashio;dASDFWERYsd"^$aw23. Then there would be NO computer crime because 99% of the world couldn't remember how to log on.

    As for law in IT....woooo...years out of date and laws that are recent are moronic. Prime example: "Hand over your encryption keys or have 2 years in jail." So lets see, I either let you decrypt my 3tb stash of child porn and so you bang me up (in EVERY sense of the word) for life OR I can have 2 years in jail? Yes, I can see that law really helping out.

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    Might be interesting for a hacker to publish his ip address, handel and password on the internet. That way he could always say it was some else using a trojan to remotly log on to his computer and using it to hack.
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    Its funny reading this, I work for the City of Santa Cruz. Weird huh
    6 degrees I guess
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    Hello douchrti2004, and welcome to AO.

    My point is that here we have three guys or whatever sharing a facility.........

    The report is "it wasn't the cop.......... must be one of the others"............. my first question would be "was it any of them?" or is the machine a bot?

    Now the cop is probably best off (don't know what the other two do?) as he pretty much has to account for his time and whereabouts, and has witnesses every day.

    The first questions should be:

    1. Are we certain that was the valid IP addy, or was it/could it have been spoofed?
    2. When did the offences happen?
    3. Where were the prime suspects at the time?
    4. Have we a suitable clone of the HDD that will stand up in court? (A proper court that is............not a hicksville USA one. And you have earned that remark on more than one occasion............)

    Then you go there, pull the HDD and analyse it. AT the same time you provide a replacement HDD with appropriate software installed so that your citizens are not deprived of their right to "quietly enjoy their property"

    And then you go to the person who complained and pull their HDD, using the same process

    My basic question is probably whether the Constitution of the United States of America is worth the paper it is written on?

    Perhaps you should ask whoever wants your vote in 2008 or whenever?

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