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    A man of honour?

    I found this tidbit on a government tech site:


    I just found the guy's name rather amusing

    UK coverage of the story here:

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    users who clicked on the links were infected with a Trojan horse
    I can't resist. Maybe that should read "users of Microsoft Windows XP who
    clicked on the links, etc. etc " Or did he mean "users who downloaded the EXE file
    and installed it etc. How do you get a trojan from just clicking a link in your browser?
    Isn't that a bit of an oversimplification? Usually these scams tell you you need a codec
    and then you download it and install the trojan for them. Like yeah, every Pr0n film
    needs its own custom codec, right?
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    As I see it, the user had to open something?

    Although "drive bys" are certainly technically possible

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    There are many examples of exploits that do NOT require user intervention in any way.

    The entire point of service pack 2 for XP was to fix a lot of these bugs. One example I read was a certain graphics package had a bug where arbitrary code could be executed from a JPG file. There goes the idea that only binary files can carry a virus. I don't really remember the details unfortunately.

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