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    AardPsymon the insane

    Ok.... me in brief...

    studied computing as a minor for BSc with bio major.

    Now thanks to the insane job market I'm working in a school as a BOFH. (see http://www.theregister.co.uk/odds/bofh/ for definition)

    I don't hate the job, but I definately want out and preferably up. Up the pay scale and up the responsibility.

    Living in St Annes currently, south of blackpool. Think elephant graveyard but for people.

    As a concequence of all this, I am certifiably insane but when it comes to windows problems I can often help.

    Now that that is dealt with....off back to do "work"...ie...solve level 7 of hack-test.com.....

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    Hi, and welcome to AO.

    Yes, schools don't pay that well............ you really need a University or technical college to get half decent money. Lawyers and accountants seem to be more generous..............they just pass the costs on to their clients

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    Oh, its not just the pay...its the pain of seeing screen shots of year 11 (age 16) typing in for their timed practical task (exam on pcs) and seeing:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wnt 2 start a mobile pizza co, cud u pls give me a loan for 100,000,000

    Daz doing his BAcS GCs.e
    Or perhaps I'm looking for a solution to a problem e.g. which reg key to delete to get a menu item from the desktop context menu and of course the first stop is Google. In goes the search, AHA! this forum thread appears to have the perfect solution! *click* Access denied by smart filter. Its built in to the proxy too so there is NO way to bypass it, its all off-site and run by the LEA.

    So, happy to be here. Happy to find a technical place not blocked by smart filter.

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