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    Hi All,
    i have reformated friend pc with xp pro without sp2.she tried to go to yahoo games and she needed to download java.when she tried to download, windows didnt accept it saying it can not download it.it doesnt accept.
    she uses ie.
    she lives far and she call me on phone but i am not going to drive there now and she wants to playyyyy.
    what could be the reason?can she somehow play games but not required to install java?
    please shed some light or i will drive in pygama there as most of you know when women wants something they want NOW.UGH.
    Thanks for all sugestions.

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    Please check out this site:


    I don't know if SP2 has anything to do with your problem, but you should get your java from the owners: Sun

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    Most of these games are java based, so yes, you'll need java to be able to play.

    You should be able to install java on an SP1 XP but you do need Windows Installer 2.0.


    Why is she hooked up to the internet without SP2??
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirDice

    Why is she hooked up to the internet without SP2??

    Hmmmm could explain why she can't download......nasties galore....
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