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    Black Hat Conference gagged?

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    Here is some more on the subject. Apparently Federal lawmakers are getting cold feet about the technology:


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    The goverment wants to stick RFID chips in everything, now wonder they dont want anyone to know about security flaws and ways to clone cards.
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    I could do with someone sticking an RFID chip in my keys. Might help me find them in the morning.
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    It's quite the scary thought. This isn't the first time we've seen presenters gagged by lawsuits and threats of lawsuits... It's a shame when it happens but it does happen....

    This RFID issue is huge... and it's quite scary... The video of the device in operation shows just how scary it is and even though HID is trying to downplay the effects... it's not nearly as difficult for the device to work as they claim it is...

    With thoughts of putting RFID in drivers licenses, health cards, credit cards and passwords, it screams steal my identity.
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    I really hope that the Black Hat event in Las Vegas goes forward with RFID workshops. I'm going to DEFCON and BH this year and it would be a shame if they pulled something useful like RFID hacks.

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