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    Windows wont install Bios not acpi compliant

    So here is the issue ive run into. Im trying to install xp pro and it tells me it cant install as the BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant. Ok... So i update the BIOS. nothing.

    After looking around some more, i find that you can "bypass" this by pressing f7 when the installer asks for additional drivers. Now windows goes through the install process. Now the problem is that it freezes 97% of the way through the file copy process.

    Customer said it was a new motherboard. Has a Pentium 4 processor. Anyone got an idea on why it wont finish the install or some pointers on what to do?
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    Windows ...what??? as in version 98/me/2000/xp/vista

    Google has found several issues


    all depends on the OS???

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    Hi, I've run into alot of this same problem in the pass, my fix that always worked for me was, boot into safe mode and choose safe settings, then install xp

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    Am I the only one that boots off the windows CD to install windows?
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    nope why would you say that, I boot off the windows cd to install it too, but xp for instance in alot of systems I've worked on I've had to change some type of configuration from time to time, like usb,etc... some systems have issues, and in the case of reading his post I have ran into something like this alot, and setting the bios to the default settings usually fixes it for me

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    If it is XP, take a look at this:


    Other things that might work: In your BIOS:

    1.Turn off legacy USB support.
    2. Put CD ROM first in your boot order.
    3. Enable parallel port.

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