Removing NISo6
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Thread: Removing NISo6

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    Removing NISo6

    Hi there peeps

    Sorry to pull this one, as I have seen it so many times before, but can't find it now I look for it. I want to know how to uninstall Norton.

    I have a computer here that is clean, as it has not connected to the internet (the guy describes himself as a luddite) so he never managed to get it connected and his Norton has now expired. I have done all my usual stuff like giving him Zone Alarm, Spybot and the like, and want to give him Avast as I like it myself.

    So I thought it better to find out a good way to do this as I know it kinda gets deep into the system. I heard about a removal tool from symantec themselves.

    Any help is of course well rewarded with my own fine and unique sense of humour for you to take away and use copyright free.

    Kind regards

    Mr Frond
    Sarcasm is a way of life

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