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    Compatible hdd for server?

    We have a dell 2500 which has been lying about which weve decided to make use of. It has two hdd's: 1 4gb and 1 14gb. Obviously its not much good with this storage capacity so im looking to buy some new hdd's for it. I dont have any experience in server hardware so i want to know what type of hdd's are compatible with this server. The part number for the hdd's in it now are ST318452LC, theyre ultra160 80 pin scsi drives. My question is will any 80pin ultra320 drive work with this server? Can anyone fill in the blanks as to how this server hardware works?

    Thanks alot in advance

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    This should do it for you:

    You may want to read up on SCSI a bit.

    Ultra 160 is the interface or controller and 80 pin is the cable type. If you read the following wiki, you'll see that there are several different types of SCSI controllers and cables.


    Have you considered picking up an A+ book? Get the 2005 revision.This should cover most hardware for you and is generally good knowledge to have when working on PCs. It's much easier to identify parts and makes ordering less cryptic. You'll also save on return postage for purchasing the wrong thing!
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    My understanding was that i could use an ultra 320 scsi drive, i just wouldnt get the 320mbs, just the 160mbs?
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    Can anyone confirm this?

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    Ask dell...this will depend on the board\controller

    This drive is not going to be part of an array ...RAID??

    AFAIK...you need exact same drives to rebuild an array.

    Also...how old is this server...because Dell has a 5 year server technology guarentee...meaning if the server is less then 5 years old then they "should" :roll: have a replacement.

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    Just for reference, the only factor to consider when purchasing new drives is the connection type. u320's will work with u160's, you just wont get the 320's transfer rate.

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