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    Weird Entries in my logs

    I log the contents of user searches into a database table and found some weird entries in it this morning. The script only searches specified tables i.e I haven't indexed my entire site with a crawler script or anything so they couldn't find the terms below.

    The searches were:


    and several others. Each request was 5 or 6 seconds apart and tried a couple of different search options from my dropdown list of search types.

    I Googled a few of them and saw they were Window's DLL's or something?

    Any idea what this was?


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    What are the users supposed to search for? I wouldn't worry too much about it. There aren't any really weird things in there like a' OR 1=1; SELECT * FROM users; ?
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    What are the users supposed to search for?
    It's a music site, so definitely not the terms I found :-)

    All my input is filtered for attacks like you mentioned.


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    Maybe its users being idiots and searching the wrong site? Either:

    1) They think you have those files
    2) They are bored and want to see if you have those files
    3) Idiots.

    All of the above perhaps.

    But I'm with SirDice on this one, searching for silly files no problem. Putting SQL type nonsense or web headers etc, different matter.
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