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    Angry Toshiba is selling Vista only machines! Watch Out!!

    Brand new A135-s2246 and Toshiba is NOT providing support for any other operating system than "Vista"! I need to put XP Pro on it as many others do.
    This is really wrong for them to be doing this!!!

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    Just for that model? I could see that if it came preinstalled with Vista, that they'd only train their staff to support that, rather than train staff on that model with xp and vista support.

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    well, the switch-over has to happen at some point, but yeah, its a bit early isn't it. I'm only switching to vista when I replace my pc, which given my current financial status is a while away yet. At work there's not a chance in hell of us using vista in the next 3 years, too much hardware/software to replace.
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    If I remember right, this is a new model that was launched to coincide with the release of Vista Home Edition. Yes it is pre-loaded, and has one of those manufacturer's recovery partitions.

    The problem I would anticipate is that Toshiba never intended it to run anything other than Vista, so if you want XP you might run into problems with drivers?

    just a thought

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