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    problems with xp corperate

    i have widown xp corperate on my machine, and my security tools keep mysteriously breaking after working for a short period of time. for instance super scan 4 (a decent port scanner for windows in my opinion) works for the first couple times after an insall. then it just won't run. dosn't even show in the task manager when i try to run it. not even for a brief second. and cain and able has done the same thing. installs runs fine then just breaks. i thought maybe there was somthing wrong withjust my computer but then i installed on my laptop and the same tools have broke on that too. even my sub seven (don't laugh, it's come in handy) works for a while before both server and client contrl app and server edit app just stop working.

    the question is, has any one else had this problem? is this a feture of ms xp corp? are invisible anti security tools zombies messing with my system when i blink? any suggestions? because it sucks to install somthing and run it just to have it not work for no reason later.

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    what service pack are you running...

    sp2 has been known to break some socket functionality
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    It is possible that you are running some anti malware tools that are recognising these tools as potential threats. Check your settings

    You might try putting your tools in their own folder and instructing your scanners to ignore that folder?

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    whats wrong with tightVNC? :P

    make sure you are patched and up to date, the whole "working for a while" suggests that maybe a virus is getting in? Also, if you ever use remote desktop some apps will only run for one user. Firefox for instance doesn't like having two users running it, but at least it says so. Other apps I use just fail silently in a similar way to yours, but they do show up in task manager if you check the "show for all users" box at the bottom.
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    i checked the all users box

    now they show in the task manager for a split second, but still don't run. i have sp2 installed, but don't think it broke any thing, as they run fine and do what they are made to do for a while. i acually got really frustrated and found a workaround. i used elitewrap to bind each program that keeps breaking to a text file and set it to just run the program and do nothing with the text file. so now they run every time and don't break on me at all. as far a malware scanner, i have 2 that i run my self but they don't do any auto scanning, so i know it's not them because the programs stop working with in minutes of being instaled or downloaded. but like i said i just binded them to a text file and they work fine. so i now just have to figure out what is scanning my executables. any suggestions on a program that will watch a file and log any programs that attempt to open or modify it?
    thanks for your help.

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    i'll give it a shot tonight

    thanks for the link to that prog. i just downloaded it and i'll letyou guys know what i find out tonight.

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