Hey Hey,

Over on our company blog we've launched a sort of challenge series... I've written up and posted the first one... I'm also the one accepting submissions.

The concept, rules and prizes (Yep, we're giving away nCircle swag) are all listed on the page, however I'll reiterate them here.

# Locate the WinNY application Online (Both Versions 1 and 2)
# Determine how to perform proper WinNY detection. (remotely -- via the listening TCP port)
# What you need to provide in order to win:
* Any encryption, authentication or hashing used for communication.
* A breakdown of the information provided by WinNY when you connect to it.
* The unencrypted strings that distinquish between WinNY 1 and WinNY 2.
* Bonus Points for providing a script or source code to perform the detection.

# 1st Place - nCircle Remote Control Car + nCircle Polo Shirt
# 2nd Place - nCircle Remote Control Car
# 3rd Place - nCircle Polo Shirt

# Submission of materials already available online will NOT be accepted.
# Submissions will be accepted in the order they are received but complete submissions will receive consideration before partial submissions.
# The contest will close at 12:00PM (Noon) EST on Friday, March 16th 2007.
# You are free to submit a partial submission and then submit additional data, however you can only resubmit once.

I invite everyone to take a stab at it and experience something that we do on a daily basis... Should this go over well, we'll be having more contests (covering a broad range of things) and more prizes.

Good Luck to everyone who competes.