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    Unlucky Usernames

    This one just occurred to me and is usually good for a quick laugh.

    Basically, I was just adding some new users. The format was to be Eco-<surname> but we had two "Bee"s so, I added a first initial. It was only when I read it aloud that I realised I had just created "Eco-Bee J"

    So, lets all recount any and all "unfortunate" user names that came out of scripts/set systems.

    for example we also have an "05GayToSophie" on our system. (Caps added for ease)

    like I say, good for at least a short chuckle.
    If the world doesn't stop annoying me I will name my kids ";DROP DATABASE;" and get revenge.

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    We had a user with a last name of Te. the policy is that usernames are last name then first, then middle initial. This person was R.D. Te.

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