Shut Down Day - Can AO Do It?
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Thread: Shut Down Day - Can AO Do It?

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    Shut Down Day - Can AO Do It?

    I found this before, You have to try and go a whole day without going on your computer...

    Thinks you could do it? Even better, think AntiOnline could do it?

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    It's my job. How do I explain that to my boss/

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    Indeed. I happen to be doing weekend shift that weekend so I won't be able to not be connected as that's how I get my cases.
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    Only on vacations.................. it is either how I get, or do my work.............. OK, I can stay away from "my" computer, but only because I am working on someone else's

    Students have the same problem........... they are either using them at school/college, or they are having to do homework, projects, papers, and research.

    On the other hand, I know quite a few people who only use their machine once or twice a week.

    It is a bit like telephones in a way? even if you don't call anyone, someone is certain to call you.

    EDIT: It would be impossible for AO given the different time zones we all live in
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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil
    It is a bit like telephones in a way? even if you don't call anyone, someone is certain to call you.
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    I couldn't do it. A day without a computer is a day without air. When the storms took out just my internet for a couple of days I started to slowly go bonkers even with my local net and humongous book stash.
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    I couldnt do it. That would be like stop drinking for a day I don't think so.

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    I wont be able to do it simply because of the fact that I need it for college.

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    I did it for three days last week... by choice..

    my kid's mother decided to go to florida for week and I stayed at the house.

    but if you asked me if I could go 3 days without a beer, then I'd tell you.. "no way"

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    I don't do it by choice but rather by consequence when I spend a weekend shooting and working outside. Of course on the 24th I'm working and last i checked MP2 was not a stack of forms to fill out for parts...
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