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Thread: MFT Errors

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    MFT Errors

    Ok here is the situation. I have a computer running windows 2000 pro and it acts as a file server for my (very small 2 computer) network. Well it crashed and wont boot for me. So today i decided it would be a good idea to take the 200Gb hd with all my music and movies on it and put it in my main computer. The 200Gb has 2 partitions so if something happens it is less bad. When I booted the computer it said that it needed to run chkdsk on it so i let it. Well when I was making sure nothing had gone wrong I discovered that it in fact had gone very wrong. Apparently while it was doing the chkdsk it saw that things were out of place on the second partition and decided to be nice and fix the MFT allocations for me. Now when i open some files they think they are something else and do the action for that or they don't work at all. was wondering if there is any way of fixing it short of either reformatting the partition or getting the other computer running and putting it back. Thanks in advance and if you guys need any more information please ask.

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    Well you now know it, but you should never run chkdsk on a damaged or suspected damaged drive.

    Copy everything first, or at least your data Then run the HDD supplier's diagnostics. I recommend roadkil's "unstoppable copier"........... it is free and generally works very well for me (to copy and repair files).

    If you must use chkdsk then uncheck the auto repair option and see what the problems are first.

    Sounds as if you have some file association problems though............. I would try fixing them first
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    windows check disk *shudder*. I had a similar experience to that, something got a little bit corrupted and I wasn't watching when I rebooted....checkdisk running....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    I then had to spend several hours rebuilding my mp3 collection and playlists

    To expand on nihil's suggestion you need to check that the file extension is what you expect (ie .mp3 not .chk) and then check that each extension is associated with the correct program, either using "Open With" or checking them all in tools -> folder options -> file types.
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