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    Getting Timings and Voltages right.

    So here's the deal...

    I recently rebuilt an old computer that I inheirited from my folks.

    Current (relevant) components:

    Biostar P4M80-M4 motherboard
    Intel Celeron D (Prescott) @ 3.06 GHz
    1 GB of PC2100 RAM

    My question is, do I let the mobo regulate the timings (which is an option) or should I set them myself for better performance?

    Current overclock settings are:

    DRAM clock speed set to 133, with a DRAM voltage set to 2.75 (the default is 2.65)
    CPU clock set to 140MHz (with a default of 133MHz) and a voltage of +.05.

    On the boot, the BIOS identifies a processor running at 3.22GHz and RAM at 348.

    System temp at boot is 51 deg C.

    It seems to be the best configuration to me, but the sticking point are the latency timings. They are static no matter what I do to the other timings and voltages. This is due to the "By speed" autoconfiguration in the BIOS.

    If anyone is familiar with this issue, let me know if I'm going about things correctly. Little bit at a time, and all that.

    BTW, I will be picking up a Gig of PC3200 in the near future, but I like playing around with what I have now...


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    System temp at boot is 51 deg C.
    I'd maybe be looking at ways to get the system to be cooler then that. Especially at boot. I'd hate to see the temp reading when it's fully loaded up the desktop etc..

    maybe go check out overclockers.com and have a bit of a looksie around there.


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