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    Who is done with Nero?

    i am. the bloat in that software just amazes me anymore. i never thought nero would develop into that kind of marketing gimmick but it has.

    so what are the alternatives? it seems that my favorite basic burner software, xp burner pro isnt going to be vista compatible for another month, but even then i would like a nero-like alternative.

    what finally did it for me was nero home, and all of the extra services it runs in the background. it reminded me of the AOL days, where your super-fast pc would just grind to a crawl, 80%+ cpu utilization and hdd chuggin on and on for no apparent reason. once it crashed my tv watching that was it, nero was uninstalled and everything is ok again

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    Hmm i've never experienced what you are talking about. There are tons of other options, maybe go visit Google and do a few searches..

    and you could always just disabled all those services that where running in the background. It would of taken less time to do that instead of downloading something else playing around with it, then deciding if you want to keep it installed or not..


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    Nero has been my perfect burner for quite some time. When I first used it, I was impressed by just how user-friendly it was (no RTFM etc.!) so that "sold" me on it. Sorry you've had such an experience.

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    I have had no problems with Nero as such, neither has anyone else I know.

    Sure, lots of problems with media, burners, drivers and so on, but not the actual application. I mean that changing apps did not fix the issue.

    Mind you, that is probably because we use the software that came with the burner/drive so it is an OEM version not the full thing.

    BTW I have moved this from "Hardware", as it is really an applications and OS issue?

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    Nero 6.6 is about the perfect burner in my book, doing things no other
    burner does. Haven't seen the lastest version though. I can empathize
    about the bloat thing though. I've installed two all-in-one printers recently:
    a Canon that took 400 mb of hdd space, and an HP that used a full gig.
    I was flabbergasted. I thought 30 mb was lot of printer driver.
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    Hi brokencrow,

    Yes the bloat thing is upon us, but if you look it is a load of "peripheral" stuff?

    management tools, help systems, error correction, analysis and all that. Probably a fair bit of duplication as well?

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    I've had no problem with nero, but one thing that does drive me nuts is when cameras install their own management software. I personally prefer when they just pop up with a drive letter then I drag and drop where I want them, done.
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    I couldn't get Nero Burning ROM to work without crashing in XP with Nero version 7. That didn't matter as I find Nero Express does everything I want, but it does mean I'm now stuck with a lot of stuff installed that isn't any use on one of my PCs. When I configured my laptop I went back to Nero version 6 which seems to be OK and this PC runs Nero fine with Vista.
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    I haven't had any problems with Nero. I don't use it all that much either tho, which helps :P

    I use DVD Decrypter for all my ISO creating DVD burning needs... I only use Nero when I have some files to burn to to a cd - compilation style. I even think the Windows standard burning features can do almost the same job, even tho it's not the fastest way around

    All in all, it's not that I don't like Nero, but I find that there are other options that work just as well, if not better.

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    I never switched from nero 6 as I saw all the posted info from others concerning the problems nero 7 was giving many when it first came out.. however, nero has taken a back seat for me once I discovered "Ashampoo burning studio" ...

    try that one.. I think you'll like it..

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