I've been searching for a solution and I can't find one. I know with IIS that you can create access rules based on ip addresses, ip ranges, and domains.

What I want to do is set permission based on time of day.


I have a certain Windows Server Update Services server that I use to deploy updates to a couple of remote offices. Those line speeds are HORRIBLE becasue that is the only service available in the area. It is good enough for business traffic, but when the workstations start downloading updates, the network chokes.

I have scheduled those workstations to install updates at night during off peak hours. However, the workstations still download the updates regarless of scheduled install time. I've been having to go in and deny access to the address range and then allow it later in the evening.

I'd like to do the following:

1. Deny access to the update server from certain ip ranges during certain hours.


2. Create a script of some sort to modify the IIS access rules to allow/deny traffic. Then schedule that script to allow/deny access at different times.

Can this be done? If so, how?

I've also thought about running the Windows Update Service as a specific user and denying access to that user during certain hours. I have not tested that and not sure if it'd work. I could then schedule the service to start and stop at certain hours.

I'd prefer to do this on the server side if possible.

Any insight or ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance.