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    How To Stop Calculator Thieves?

    Today I've had the second calculator in 2 years stolen. The calculators we use for study aren't cheap as they are those nice scientific ones. This is made worse by the fact that I don't have a job. Anyway, in changing the batteries on past occasions, I have noticed that there is a small cavity in the back. Is it possible to buy an affordable beeper that can be triggered by RFID? I had also thought about installing a GPS tracker, but I gather they can be quite expensive. Can anyone recommend a supplier of cheap beepers and/or small (cheap) GPS trackers? Alternate suggestions to prevent the stealing of calculators would be welcome too.

    PS - Although I would be spending some extra money on security measures initially, I think that in a few years there would be a net saving of money due to the current need to shell out for new calculators every year.
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    Where are you leaving your calculator that it keeps getting stolen? I suggest you take Al Gore's advice, and put it in a lockbox.
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    Last time it got stolen I was a few metres away, but I could'nt see my pencil case because there were people in the way of my line of sight. In theory, I think your lock box idea is a good one, however, it would be somewhat impractical to have to unlock a box every time I need to use a calculator as I do a lot of maths and use the calculator very often.
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    keep it in your pocket.
    if its big, get bigger pockets!
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    Cargo Pants Rule!

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    This brings back memories.When I was a kid in high school,I had a Casio graphing scientific calculator(can't remember the model now...long time ago!Well maybe not THAT long ago ).Anyway,I was really broken up by the loss of it(I was the only kid in class that had one like that!).The funny thing is,quite a number of years later,while having drinks with my buddies,one of them admitted(quite out of the blue) that he had taken it!
    Anywho,there is no real moral to this story.I guess it did bring some closure,although I had completely forgotten about it!Just thought I would share.
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    I always keep my 89 in my pocket unless I am using it or if it's in my room.
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    Have you considered some sort of belt holder like for cellphones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil
    Have you considered some sort of belt holder like for cellphones?
    The cargo pants would be a better option. Unless its a kickass cell phone, don't put anything on your belt here. You'll get pointed at and laughed at... and thats mostly by the girls. Kind of like the pocket protectors. Well, that was the case when I was in high school. We're going back about 8 years though...

    I keep my in my backpack. It actually has a pocket just for calculators in the book storage part. I picked it up at Old Navy some years ago. I've gone looking for another since it is so handy, but have yet to find another like it. It is pretty discrete too. When I'm not using it, it goes back into my backpack. Even if I just have to step away to the bathroom for a minute, I'll take it with me or put it in my bag.

    What about marking it so if someone takes it, they can't use it out in the open or sell it. Take the case off of it and paint it so it stands out. Put unique marks in it with a dremmel so you can identify it if you suspect someone of taking it. In the battery case or whatever. I used to do that with things like my gameboys.
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    cheap solution - superglue and a breezeblock. Noone will ever steal that.

    I've still got my casio graphic calculator from maths A-level. Don't use the advanced features often any more, but its still the best calculator I have.
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