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    Ultimate Boot CD -- new ver. 4 released

    List of changes here.

    This cd and a live linux disk should be on the desk of every member here. It contains all the manufacturer hard drive test utilities, plus just about every free diagnostic and maintenance utility you can think of. The very first version had issues with all the dos-based utilities due to using FreeDos, but it's matured since then.

    Highly recommended.

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    hmm and hirens boot cd does pretty much the same thing also..

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    Hiren's BootCD all very well - but the links to download it from the site have been disabled for some time.

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    Except hirens includes pirated software. All the software on UBCD is freeware/opensource

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    It's a shame that you can't pay for something like hirens. I would. I'll continue to use it anyway because I have yet to find anything better. It's just too good of a resource to ignore. You can't find many direct links to download the iso, but you can find plenty of resources in bittorrent. I do have legit versions of many of the tools on there and I suppose I *could* create my own version of it... but why? It's already been done. I know, I know... ethics...

    Roadstarter Boot CD is also pretty nice.

    I can't use those at work... so I keep the ultimate boot cd and many other live CDs such as backtrack, gparted and many manufacturers diagnositc disks handy.
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    I agree about Hiren's. I've not used it but, according to the published software list, it looks very nice. I realise that it contains commercial software from several sources so I suspect that permission would be very difficult to obtain from all relevant parties to allow a composite package to be created. Even if it were to be agreed, just think about the arrangement required regarding distribution of income from the disc!

    As for Roadstarter, it's new to me. I've done a search but the download link was disabled. I suspect that it's because Roadstarter contains Hiren's, as well as other "goodies".

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    I think more choices the better....

    Hiren has been always my first choice, not because has or not comercial software (comercial soft has better open-source competition and viceversa) is just that I feel confortable with it and had save my skin more than one time with clients...

    Ultimate isn't bad, I've tried this release, is well organized and have several goodies that do the work (in time that's all that matters). As some said, even when I've my preferences, I keep others like backtrack, gparted, knoppix and so on.....based in the same point (have a data-backup), have different resources for a same propuse like hiren's, roadstarter, ultimate and so.....isn't bad at all and its a good practic


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    I'll miss UBCD's version of Insert. Wish they'd left that in.
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    Hi,I have been trying to locate where I can download Hiren's Bootcd 8.9.I really would prefer a ftp or http source.I know I can get it P2P(BitTorrent,etc),but I would prefer http.I have been on Hiren's site: http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd
    but I just cannot seem to find the link!
    Thanks in advance.
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    The link is no longer there because the CD contains unlicenced commercial software.


    This site is subject to the laws of the United States of America, and it's members are expected to abide by those laws, as well as their local regulations.

    We don't give links to warez sites because their activities are illegal. Anyway, they are pretty dodgy places to visit at the best of times.

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