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    The 1Gb speed is on an autonegotiate setting. The full duplex setting says 100 Mb. Why isn't there a 1Gb full duplex mode?

    I also am going to update all the drivers and firmware on the server that has been a sluggish performer. It could be that it was just network issues, but better get everything out of the way.

    Would setting the VOIP phones to a VLan help out? Or would it be just as good to set them to low priority in QoS? Once again thanks for all the help and if you can think of anything else that can really streamline a network let me know.

    Does anyone have a recommended switch that is good for large amounts of traffic/data and works well under heavy loads. Currently we have a mixed bag of 3com superstack switches, Netgear smart switch, Dell unmanaged/webmanaged switch, and some PoE switches for the VOIP phones. Perhaps someone knows of a good way to set these up for best performance.
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    I would definately look into tweaking the app....

    from your performance monitor something is definely thrashing your harddrives

    either set up a seperate array for the application (usually done with sql apps)

    system and regular data are mirrored and the sql is in its own RAID array...on a seperate controller

    Ask the vendor....they must have some recommended guidelines....if not...threaten to change applications...that usually starts the wheels rolling.

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    From Wikipedia,
    Autonegotiation is a requirement for using 1000BASE-T[2] according to the standard. Several device drivers will allow you to force 1000 Mbps full duplex to eliminate autonegotiation issues.
    I wasn't aware of that, good to know.

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    well, we use 3com super stack over here.

    One trick is to reduce the number you have stacked (if any) for example we have 5 switches stacked in one rack here. This means that roughly 1/3 of our network is coming off a single Gigabit line from the core switch, which makes no sense given that one room of 12 pcs has a gigabit line all of its own. Again, the whole "grown not planned" syndrome.

    Short version: if you have too many pcs per backbone line that could be a problem.

    It might be worth checking for firmware updates for all your switches. New firmware rarely hurts. Unless the install goes wrong and turns your hardware into a paperweight.
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    Thanks for the heads up guys. I realized that since half our company is in a new section of our office that has only 1 Gb line...that may be a problem. Unfortunatly the other Gb line is for the phones so I am not sure what I can do about that. I may have to get a wiring guy in here to run a few more lines from our new office section so we can have at least 3 or more Gb lines running from this new part of our office to our server room.

    I am also looking to find new drivers for the network cards so that perhaps I can set them to full duplex 1000Mb mode. Instead of auto/auto negotiate or 100Mb full duplex.

    By the way we also have a bunch of Super stacks over here and they are also stacked on top of each other. I'll try out the new firmware too. Thanks again for all the ideas and possible problem areas.
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