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Thread: Nessus 3.0.5

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    Nessus 3.0.5

    It was possible to crash the remote host by sending a specially
    malformed TCP/IP packet with invalid TCP options. Only the version
    2.6 of the Linux Kernel is known to be affected by this problem.

    An attacker may use this flaw to disable this host remotely.

    Solution: Upgrade to Linux 2.6.7

    Risk Factor : High
    BID : 10634
    Plugin ID : 12296

    x.x.x.x resolves as 2k3srvr.domain.com.
    Plugin ID : 12053

    The remote host is running Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
    Plugin ID : 11936
    This scan was just run after installing Windows 2003 SP2 onto a fresh install of Windows 2003 R2 (SP1) with all available critical/security udpates. Unfortunately, I didn't scan this box before applying SP2. I just installed this server today and just wanted a couple of baseline security checks.

    This scan was run from a default install of Nessus for 3.0.5 for windows. Installed and updated today. The only thing that was modified from default scan was to enable all plugins instead of just safe plugins.

    Seems that tenable wants to move people to Linux from Windows 2003?

    Anway, thought it was a bit funny so I wanted to share it. It's really not that funny... I'm just getting very sleepy and right about now, anything is amusing.
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