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    amazing model aircraft carrier built from scratch.

    My mind is boggling at this amazing model aircraft carrier built from scratch. The effort Gabe put into it in 19 years, it's just something that is close to the limits that a single modeler can achieve.


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    Cant see the site from work but did you see the guy who built a model of , i think it was the george V battleship, where ever the wheels to raise the guns worked?
    edit : I am having enought problems getting my warhammer 40k army ready to play against my son .
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    You know its good when the guy takes the time to make little fire hoses. I'm kinda shocked its not in a glass box. Somehow I don't think the grandkids are allowed in that room.

    EDIT: theres even lights in the hanger bays...
    meh. -ech0.

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