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Thread: Partition Tools

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    Question Partition Tools

    I am looking for a way to read data from a hidden/system/oem partition and save it. Specifically, our firm purchases refurbished laptops that have an OEM version of Windows XP in a hidden partition on the drive. The first time you start the machine, you go through the Windows installation process and you input the authorization code that came with the machine for that copy of XP.
    We need to set up several machines with Win 98SE initally, and then install the XP in a dual boot scheme. We have tried to copy the XP cabs but cannot. We have set up 1 machine but could not use the OEM activation numbers that came with the machine. Just trying to stay legit...

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Did it come with an XP OEM CD? If not ask for it. You can install from that (including the dualboot). Not sure why anyone would still use W98?!?
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