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    New Here

    Hey, all, just thought i would wander by and say hi. Looking forward to providing some input.



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    Welcome to AO.

    What do you specialize in? Just out of curiousity.


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    rabies, just so you know -
    + New members can only download 4 Megs of 1970's porn.
    + The Addicts forum is reserved for people who have hacked into a minimum of 3 streaming radio stations and played "Flying on the Wings of Tenderness" by David Hasselhoff at least 5 times in a row
    + To have custom title benefits, you must have 25 green dots, 500+ posts & one pair of women's panties signed by RuPaul.

    No seriously, I'm kidding. You can download 5 Megs of 1970's porn.
    No really, This is a very serious forum & David Hasselhoff is our idol.

    Welcome to AO bud
    The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his - George Patton

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    LOL @ the way to get into the addicts forum.

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    rabies...................rabies................. what kind of nick is that?.......... hell's teeth man, I think that "Rottweiler with Bird Flu" is still available

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    No wonder I don't have 25 green dots yet... all this time I've been hacking David Hasselhoff's streaming radio player and streaming 1970's porn. Im so confused.

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    I met a guy not long ago calling himself "rabies"... it would be too much of a coincidence if you happened to be the same one, rabies..

    the "rabies" I know got a bit banged up over in Iraq... is this you ?

    the uparmoured suburban i was driving outside of mosul was unfortunate enough to sustain massive damage due to an IED...long story short..the vehicle was completely destroyed all the glass <bulletproof> was blown inward and outward, all four door handles were even blown away...i only sustained c6-c7 cervical spine damage that my neurosurgeon has fixed up with some hardware and i am just waiting for the all clear to go back <still not allowed to bend, twist, lift, etc, which is fine with me, the wife had to do it all hehehe>...i have spent nearly three years in some very volatile areas of iraq and i still miss it...crazy huh?

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