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    Cool does anyone here still remember "sumdumguy" ?

    well.. do ya ?

    wow, I guess it's been a long while since I've posted here.. a couple of years ?

    I see "normal" folk can now reply to roll call threads.. maybe it's time to get rid of the sticky that says we can't reply ?

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    It's always good to see some old faces emerge.

    So care to elaborate on what you have been upto? It's always interesting to hear the story's that people have when they return.


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    hi acidtone.. good to meet ya..

    as to what I've been up to... ummmmm...

    well.. If I told you, then I'd probably have to kill ya.. so I better not..

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    Hey! sumdumguy, good ta hear ya back!...... long time? I think I helped with a few hardware/software issues you had?............ maybe not your own....it must be a couple of years now?

    Anyways, welcome back.................pop in for a beer anytime

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    hey there johnno... no it wasn't me that needed any help in hardware/software.. don't think I've ever needed any help in that dept.. hehe

    I'd love to have a pint of lager with ya M8 but it's that damn atlantic ocean that seems to divide us by a few thousand miles..

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    I'm still here lurkin around

    - MemorY
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