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Thread: Nmap 4.21ALPHA4 released

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    Lightbulb Nmap 4.21ALPHA4 released

    The new changes (as told by Fyodor) Nmap dev mailing list

    Hi everyone. I spent all day today integrating OS fingerprints, and
    managed to get 200 more of your submissions processed. Let's take a
    look at how we're doing compared to Nmap OSv1 and other tools:

    Synscan (0.1): 25 signatures
    SinFP (2.06): 140 signatures
    Xprobe2 (0.3): 225 signatures
    Nmap Gen2 (4.21ALPHA4): 417 signatures
    Nmap Gen1 (4.21ALPHA4): 1,684 signatures

    So our signature count is ahead of all the other tools put together,
    and we are already to 25% as many sigs as OSv1. Not bad considering
    that OSv1 had a 9 year head start!

    So I have just released Nmap 4.21ALPHA4 and posted it to the Nmap
    download page:


    Please give it a try and let me know quickly if you find any problems!
    If all is well tomorrow morning, I plan to put out a release to the
    Nmap-hackers. I think this version is better for most people than
    4.20 due to the substantial OS detection improvements, and the many
    bugfixes. Not to mention the cool experimental features such as NSE
    and traceroute.

    Here are the changes since ALPHA3:

    o Performed another big OS detection run. The DB has grown almost 10%
    to 417 fingerprints. All submissions up to February 6 have been
    processed. Please keep them coming!

    o Fixed XML output so that the opening <os> tag is printed again. The
    line which prints this was somehow removed when NSE was integrated.
    Thanks to Joshua Abraham for reporting the problem.

    o Fixed a small bug in traceroute progress output which didn't
    properly indicate completion. [Kris]

    o Fixed a portability problem related to the new traceroute
    functionality so that it compiles on Mac OS X. Thanks to Christophe
    Thil for reporting the problem and sending the 1-line fix.

    o Updated nmap-mac-prefixes to include the latest MAC prefix (OUI)
    data from the IEEE as of March 20, 2007.

    I am particularly impressed to see th -sC switch (nitko signatures)
    As of now Nmap 4.21 seems to be stable for me..Any one having any problems with it?

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    I have run several tests with the -sC switch and have yet to see anything bogus like a seg fault or the like. I did have one instance where the scan deadlocked but no log traces as to why were left behind. All attempts to recreate it with debug logging turned on yielded nothing because it simply never happened again.

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    They are putting this up in the Google code of Summer


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    This version is kool as hell like all the other versions. Someone should check this out; http://antionline.com/showthread.php...047#post921047

    Help me!!!

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