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    Exclamation Bitlocker and Vista Business


    I have Vista Business installed on my laptop, but I found out that Bitlocker supports only Vista Ultimate n Enterprise editions.

    Is there a way to enable bitlocker on my laptop??

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    No, I don't think so other than upgrading to Ultimate.

    Please take a look at this as a possible alternative (it's free )


    I must admit that I was slightly surprised that the Vista Business Edition didn't have it, as I would have thought that small business users would have had more use for encryption than domestic users who would be more attracted by all the bells and whistles of Ultimate?

    It doesn't seem very consistent to me as the Enterprise (volume licence) version has it, and I would have thought that your SOHO type business user would have similar security needs?

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    The business systems come with EFS (encrypted file system). All you do is right click a file and you can encrypt it, including folders. Data protection is there in all business models. It seems the MS is trying to squeeze a little more out of you with their Ultimate version. Bitblocker is a hard drive encryption tool. The entire volume is encrypted and supported by the OS. There are also tones of cool stuff only available to Ultimate users.

    Attached is a shot of some stud using Vista Business encrypting his l337 set of pictures. Mostly of a spoiled Pomeranian.

    If I were to load linux the universal Windows Security Bypass tool, or even reload this OS that folder would not be accessible to anyone but me. In fact If I reload the OS it wipes my credentials and even I can't access it.

    And that's not even Bitblocker.
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    As I understood Bitlocker it is not a drive level encryption tool but a system volume encryption tool. It is essentially Microsofts answer to hacking the pagefile and SAM's to exploit their systems. The catch is for it to work well it has to have a supported TPM 2.1 chip, but can work with flash drives.


    If you are looking for an encryption solution I'd go with nihil's suggestion of true crypt.


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