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    I dunno about other spam solutions, but Kapersky Suite has an option to filter out blank emails. I'm sure there must be others that do as well. Are you using an email client or web-based email interface?

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    I use Spamihilator to block junk mails.
    Its a fast learner, got loads of add-ons/plug-ins and its free. Works great for me.

    In your case, this plug-in for spamihilator will be best suited:

    Empty Mail Filter v1.1.2
    May/08/2006, 95 KB, 79079 hits
    by Bob Loeffler

    This filter blocks e-mails that are empty or contain very few words. If the number of words that... [more]

    Download now http://www.peaktopeak.com/spamihilat...lter_1_1_2.exe

    Source: http://www.spamihilator.com/plugins/...art=10&limit=5

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