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    TrueCrypt and a limited xp account.

    Hi, I just started using TrueCrypt and I have a question.

    I created my encrypted volume, but I can't drag and drop files into it from my limited account. I can, however, create a folder in the volume and drag and drop to that folder. When I log in as administrator, though, I can just drag and drop to the volume without having to create a folder first. While I'm in my limited account my files are still being encrypted even though I have to create that folder first, right?

    thanks in advance


    it turns out I can drag directories from the limited account to the volume without having to create a folder first, so it's only when I go to drop a text file or a picture that I get access denied: make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.


    disregard this post, I believe the files are being encrypted just fine, I guess me not being able to send the .txt and .jpg files without creating a folder first in the volume is just a quirk related to using the limited account.
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    I would guess that you don't have write permission to the root of the folder with your limited account, only to sub folders...but then that would stop you creating a folder surely. meh, windows for ya.
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    I do believe your files are encrypted. To my understanding whatever went on that volume was encrypted.

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