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    Quick question about resumes.

    Do you guys think or know if it's appropriate to use "&" in a resume instead of "and". I wouldn't use it in a cover letter since there are actual continuous sentences but what about bullet points in resume. Here's an example:

    Technical & Logistics support for commercial department.
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    If you're applying for a job with the Geek Squad or something similar, it probably doesn't matter at all. If you're applying for a senior management position, you might loose the job over it. I'm pretty sure some will say that it doesn't matter at all in either case, but using "and" instead of "&" might save you the embarrassment of not knowing the answer to the question what that little symbol's name is...

    The general advice on using the ampersand in a resume seems to be that it is only appropriate in cases where it is part of a company's name (Johnson & Johnson, AT&T) - in other cases, why take the risk of being perceived as too lazy to type out "and"?

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    Well, I would be one of those who would argue that it doesn't matter in the case of bullet points. They are not properly constructed sentences.

    If your employment depends on the use of "and" or ampersand, I would suggest that those people are not worth working for, as they do not understand your role..............I take it you are not applying for the post of Professor of English Language.

    One thing I would say is that it is important to be consistent. If you are already using abbreviations, then stick with them. For example R&D not "R and D"

    On the other hand, where your resume/CV contains proper English sentences, you should use "and" unless it is a quotation, as Negative mentions, or some thing like R&D, R&R etc.

    And don't use "etc." use "et cetera"

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    ehhh, I'd say don't use etc at all. :P

    yeah, I would go with using "and" possibly even avoid using "R&D" even, unless you are REALLY desperate for space. You have to remember that its not what you think that matters, its what the employer thinks and the employer could be really anal. Or, it could come down to two nearly identical CVs to choose from and so they go for the one that wrote it out in full just to make a decision.

    a CV is still a rather formal document and unless you are applying for a creative post the general advice is to treat it as such.
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    A CV/Resume is certainly a structured document, but I would not describe it as "formal", it is more of a hybrid. The covering letter is where the English counts.

    Certainly, if you are using bullet points, then they should be short and sharp. Otherwise, people would get the impression that you do not know how to use them? (so you wouldn't be able to put together a decent Powerpoint presentation)

    I don't agree with the two similar CVs theory. If you have two similar candidates you interview them both. A CV doesn't get you a job, it gets you a job interview

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