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    Lightbulb Review: MX Revolution Mouse

    Cost:99.99 from any retailer, and the manufacturer (logitech)

    Irganomics: Fits my hand very nicely, I notice i sometimes drag my thumb, but this mouse has a thumb rest.

    Scroll wheel: Theres 2. The top one controls webpage scroll, and it tips left/right to side scroll. Its nice, but I really dont like how theres no stopping points. If I flick it, it goes for 15-20 seconds, so I have to make sure to be accurate, not just kinda shoot it forward and expect it to click 3-4 times and stop. Very precise and responsive. Side wheel: used for switching between applications. Press it in, flash back to the last application you were in, push wheel forward, cycle from left-right through all applications, pull wheel back to cycle right-left. Very nice to be able to do it all from your finger tips. my mouse is now for pointing, and clicking, I've managed to cut down a lot of anoying clicks.

    Other buttons: Forward backward button. It's by you're thumb, easy access, can easily navigate web pages, go back to a page, compare things, very fast switching. Search button: Highlight a word, press the "Search" button, and it Opens a new window and searches it with your favorite search engine. My review: im on a mac currently, just got it, so i can't set the search engine, so when i search a word it searches my hard drive for that word. It is a very nice button though, doesnt get in the way of anything.

    Response: VERY GOOD! For wireless mouses, this is as good as it gets. Invisible 2k DPI mouse. Never had lag/unresponse from it, very very precise, still works perfectly 10 feet away from the recepter.

    Battery life: 36 hours! its great, it has a charging dock, fully charges in about 2-3 hours, i just stick it on over night, even on low battery it works well until the last 5 minutes of battery.

    Gaming value: I'd give it a 9.5/10. The thumb buttons are really great, youve got 3 unique controls in 1 little scroll bar. In counterstrike i program it for (push in) reload, (push forward) weapon (pull back) secondary weapon. Very precise, never had any problems with it.

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    I am moving this to "Hardware" as I think that is where discussions about rodents belong

    EDIT: and how the World progresses? I have a pair of Razer "Boomslang" rodents.............. 2000DPI............... errr, they must be getting on for 9 years old?............

    My wife hates them
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    Can't stand that boomslang stuff, myself. Totally wrong shape. The Logitech G5 is for me. The new one looks even cooler, though I haven't held one yet.
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    i was afriad of buying this because of the thumb wheel. when i held it, the wheel was pushing against my thumb... making my overall grip awkward and angled to the right. know what i mean? i probably wouldnt be able to play and FPS's if im on a tilt.

    just a thought or 2.

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