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    Outlook Express Backup how to

    I just got a new PC... ( was the time for it ). I need to move all my Outlook Express mail from the old pc to this new one.. Anyone can help? ( I know how to move folders, but I don't know how to copy signatures, rules, settings, and contacts )

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    Hello and welcome........

    Err........... what versions of Microsoft Windows are we talking?

    Please go into Outlook Express and click on "help" in the toolbar..........the bit at the top...... sorry; I have no idea of your level of computer knowlege

    Then try "about".................... you will find your version

    Let us know...............

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    You can find your Outlook Express mails at the folowing location:

    c:\documents and settings\%username%\local settings\application data\identities\{all kinds of numbers}\microsoft\outlook express
    For every folder in Outlook Express you'll find a .dbx file.

    However if you just copy them over to your new pc you won't be able to find them again (as far as I know).
    First go to Outlook Express and make sure it creates a profile for you. This way when you go to c:\documents and settings\%username%\local settings\application data\identities\ on the new pc you'll find that it has created a folder for you.
    (if you had just copied in your own, it wouldn't have found it)

    Copy the .dbx files over the ones that were created by default and *tadaa* there's your mail again!

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    Thank you! I did some searches on the net and I found a program that does what I want: http://www.bodrag.com/outlook-express-backup.html

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