So I have to ask, why isn't there more emphasis on keeping fans & heatsinks clean of schmegma for laptops?
Let me explain why I'm bothered by this.

For the past few weeks, I noticed my laptop running hotter & hotter. As of last night (before I cleaned out my heatsink & fan) the laptop was running about 118 degrees. After some minor labor, and a few q-tips, I booted back up and overall, I'm averaging 18-23 degrees cooler running temps.

Being such vital components for a laptop, you would think there may be some mention of keeping them clean in my manual? nope. This kind of surprises the hell out of me. Had I not cleaned it, it may have eventually caused some serious problems, maybe even the failure of the laptop itself.

Do laptop vendors purposefully not mention this because they don't feel the average user will bother? and/or have the mental capacity to do it? I don't know. Just seems like bad practice to not even mention it.