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    Cain and Abel finds my password. what do I do?

    I used Cain and Abel and it found my password when I dumped lsa secrets, my pass is long to, its 18 characters containing letters and special characters upper and lower case too. If C & A found my password so easily doesn't that mean someone could get my password just as easy remotely? I thought when u use a long password with special characters it would take someone a long time to get the password, how does C & a find the pass so quickly (less than a second)?

    I have the registry key set to 1 for nolmhash in the registry (should that be in hexidecimal or decimal and does it even matter against c & a?)

    I'd like to config my machine so it doesn't give up my pass so readily, any ideas on what I should do from here to make my comp more secure reguarding the password?

    thanksin advance

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    I would suspect that all it is doing is reading cached passwords in LSA secrets.

    This article may help:


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    thanks nihil, setting cachedlogonscount to 0 did the trick, cain n abel is no longer finding my pass.


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