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    Hard Drive performance

    Ok, so after looking in performance manager because of the "Raid memory" thread, I have to ask what sort of performance people would expect from a 10krpm RAID 5.

    we have at any one time 15-100 users on our system and it is currently supported by a single array. Watching performance monitor the hard drive is getting its ass kicked (no surprise) so, things are slow and the server is freezing sometimes. The problem is that in any given sample % disk time can peak at 4000% and more (maybe MS don't understand percentages?) yet actual disk transfer rate is 1Mb/sec. Last sample was 435% disk time for 2,000,000 bytes/sec transfer.

    Surely for "flat out" thats a pretty poor transfer rate, even if it is skipping around between sectors a lot.

    Or am I just expecting too much?
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    Mayve that would help you see what the performance "should" be

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    Raid 5 suffers in write performance...not so much in read.

    I also noticed that writing small files to and from a raid 5 can be sluggish as well. Guess when we are ready to start our next project we are going to need to do a Raid 0+1 to really get some more performance out of it.
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