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    display drivers problem

    i have an ongoing problem with one my computers that is really turning into a problem. Whenever i open a fullscreen window, i.e. in internet explorer, windows explorer, etc. my entire screen resizes itself. this also happens whenever i open a new page in the browser. its not just a small adjustment, i will have several inches constantly coming and going off of the sides, and my start bar drops off the bottom and comes back constantly. it has gotten to the point recently where the monitor will lose signal after a while. i think this may be because its being pushed into too high of a resolution, but im not sure. i have updated drivers on my video card and i still have this problem. im running an nvidia geforce2 gts on an asus video card. windows xp, all of the equipment is getting older but is in good running condition. any more info you guys need let me know. i would appreciate any help or ideas yall might have. thanks.

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    what res are you trying to run on what size and type of monitor?

    it sounds to me a lot like the way some CRTs die. Some at work did that. Others have lost their red. One lost its blue. So one room has logon screens of all different colours. Pretty.
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    when it started ? have you added any new hardware ??

    can you try to use low resolution and see how it works..
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    Yes, I have seen this sort of thing before. As suggested it could be the CRT on the way south...........it could even be the video card memory chips degrading.

    What I would do is make sure that the system recognises the screen for what it really is, rather than a generic plug and play monitor, and that you have the display manufacturer's drivers.

    After that, my experience has been that it is your refresh rate that causes this.

    An experiment:

    Start with a refresh rate of 75Hz................. if the problem happens, change it to 72Hz.............. then change it back

    You may be using 85Hz, which might be just a fraction too fast?

    Also, check that the video card is firmly seated and that its fan (if it has one) is clean and working, and the heatsink is clean.

    I actually have a box that doe the exact same thing from time to time......... I change the refresh rate and it resizes itself and works just fine.

    The strange thing is that it goes from 85~75~85 or whatever, the actual speed does not seem to matter, just changing the refresh rate works

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