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    Data reports to crystal reports in VB


    I need to restyle some reports and upgrade them from datareport to Crystal Report 8.5 in VB6

    The client-server software use MySQL database.

    Can someone give a valuable advice....about how to arnd it!!


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    Try looking at the full Business Objects product.............. OK it is expensive by comparison, but it is an investment for the future

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    if you need to have something compatible with VB6.0
    y not use crystal reports 9 instead of 8.5 ?

    It is really a good Investement (i have been working with crystal report 9 for a while )

    I think you will have to rebuild your reports
    i don't think there is something like a migration tool or something
    Best of luck doing that
    I will be glad to offer help if i can
    but i have been working mssql2000/vb6.0/cr9

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