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i advice you to try slackware, it is clean, simple and everything you configure you must do it by hand, that way you learn it the hard way, but it will take less time learning than for example ubuntu or the other easy distros out there, IMHO slackware isn't a linux distro, it is *pure* linux, its what using linux really should "feel" like.
I agree completely. A person that is trying to learn on slackware and spends 30 days trying to get everything working will know more about linux than somebody running one of the main stream distros for 30 days.

I've seen people say they know linux and have been working with it for years, struggle to do anything in slackware because they can't find the script that does it for them. And the looks I get when I ask somebody to recompile the kernel with support for only the installed hardware are funny.

Slackware is perfect for learning, because you can install packages with installpkg, install them manually, or even use rpm packages if you are super lazy.

I would suggest starting with simple stuff.
1. How to change IP, hostname, add DNS servers, etc.
2. How to install packages, use ./configure --prefix=/somewhere, and learn rpm.
3. Advanced functions like setup ntp, scheduling cron jobs, modifying rc scripts.
4. Learn vi. Everybox won't have pico or whatever your favorite editor is, but vi will be there.
5. Stop useless programs from starting. netstat -lnp is a great help
6. Learn iptables, lockdown your box. Fix it back so it functions.
7. Download latest kernel and recompile, use multiple kernels with lilo, etc.
8. Optimize you kernel, learn what each kernel option does.
9. Learn to script, shell scripts, php, perl, something to make life easier.
10. chroot, chroot, chroot
11. Start playing with other packages you want to learn, bind, apache, sendmail.
12. Learn X windows last. cli > gui
13. Once you think you know linux, try using Fedora, then switch back to slackware because you'll love it by then.

I know a lot about linux, but I always struggle if I have to use a gui. Don't be the like the majority of "linux users" and struggle with cli and live by the gui.

Search the internet when you get stuck, it is the biggest manual in the world.