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    Automated Pen Test Software

    I'm looking for assessment software that evaluates webapplications for security issues. I have reviewed WebInspect by SpiDynamics, AppScan from WatchFire, and WVS from Acunetix.

    All I'm looking for are similar products, these web app tools are very new and pretty hard to find.

    All recommendations are appreciated! Thanks...

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    Maybe you can go to Foundstone's site.

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    I've not used it but I've heard Nikto mentioned quite a lot as of late. Give it a look see, perhaps it's just what your looking for.


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    You can use some opensource web pentest tools that are on Backtrack. One of them is parosproxy. The commercial tools you have listed are best-of-breed.

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    Yeah, unfortunately it seems the only software mature enough to do this is commercial. Oh well...

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