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    Question about Ventrilo

    Alright, yes i am a computer noob and an idiot so before any of you go telling me this i know (even though im sure some still will) i wasnt sure what to post it under just seemed like a good place (yes im stupid). Ventrilo has always worked for me until the day i downloaded a voice changing program just to mess around now noone can hear me in vent or ingame on counterstrike source (yes im a css fag). I dont know if it changed files or what if you can help that would be appreciated if you cant feel free to call me a dipshit and that i should sell my comp... neways thanks?

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    Why do you put yourself down? Nobody here would have made fun of you for liking a FPS game and not knowing how to configure a program. I don't know what kind of forums you regularly visit...

    The first thing I would do is to uninstall the two programs and all settings. Then reinstall the Ventrilo program. I am not familiar with Ventrilo so I can't give you any specifics. I'd play around with it myself now, but I'm on my way out the door.

    I suspect that you've already checked out their setup guide?

    Is it possible that you've muted your mic?

    Maybe you need to reinstall the software/drivers for your mic?
    (I just say that because you didn't list what kind you have. If it is cordless/bluetooth/etc. it could use more than just plugging it into the mic port on the sound card.)

    Did the other program (would be nice if you listed it) change your sound settings? Go to control panel and check your sound settings. Make sure you have the right default sound recording device selected. It is possible that the other software changed it since it was manipulating input from the mic.
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    thanks man... sorry i just expect the worse

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    Nah we pretty nice here .....unless your a spammer lol

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