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    Question Internet Usage Report!!!!

    Hi gals n guys

    We are currently using a 512 MB link in the organization, from last 2 months or so we have expereienced that the current bandwidth is no more sufficent or is not meeting the requirment and user feel slow performance in the applications.

    Upon discussing with department head i have been informed that the CEO would conisder this after seeing the report/presentation of the current issue. Now i am at the moment empty headed that what should that report / presentation should contain.

    From last 2-3 months we have introduced some new online softwares running on SQL, plus number of nodes have also increased, i need your help in making this presentation what things should i include in it keeping in mind that CEO is not an IT person.

    What currently i have in mind is: -

    => Total number of nodes 3 months ago and now.
    => List of softwares online.
    => I also have a report showing the total volume of data transeferred on daily basis/ weekly and monthly basis through D U Meter.
    => Should i passon a questionaire to some users and get there feedback about there current issues, what time do they experience slow performance most and things like that?

    Please help me out.
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    I would say no to the surverys, but I would pull the stats from your gateway router. How many people do you have in your organization?

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    Around 90 nodes in the Head Office but the other branches are also connecting to it and accessing the softwares.
    One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man!

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    First off, I don't know **** about this, these are just my observations ( and, since I am responding you know I have found a little free time and have been drinking. )

    From what I gather this is in response to user complaints?

    => Total number of nodes 3 months ago and now.
    Why 3 months ago? Because there were no complaints prior?

    How about going back to when the 512 MB link was implemented?
    What was the usage then, the projected usages, expectations of the pipeline and systems, expected life cycle, etc. vs. now.

    If you are using three months because you believe the bottleneck is being caused by the SQL servers then check the bandwidth usage of them separately: if it is high, then that alone may be a reason to increase the pipeline if they want to continue with them, but if it is a low percentage the SQL servers may just be " the straw that broke the camel's back" so to speak. Either way, if you know the stats you can spin your tale accordingly.
    But if someone asks and you don't have the answer to the question of the SQL servers impact you will look stupid.

    => List of softwares online.
    Again, I don't know, maybe this is clearer to others but I am not sure what you mean here. Do you mean the list of applications in use, or the applications required by employees that access the Intranet/Internet, or a list of applications that actually access the Intranet/Internet ?
    I cringe when I walk around where I work and see/hear all the streaming audio ( Internet radio ) and video chewing up bandwidth that is totally unnecessary and INAPPROPRIATE at my workplace. ( But that is NOT, so I have been advised repeatedly, my place to criticize. )

    => I also have a report showing the total volume of data transeferred on daily basis/ weekly and monthly basis through D U Meter.
    You've been around here long enough that I don't have to say this, but I will anyway. Viruses, Maleware, Spyware, Spam relays, etc. can all cause increases in bandwith usage. Exactly what type traffic is traversing the network, and when did the bottlenecks start occurring?

    Also, where are the bottlenecks occurring? How is the network broken down? Do you have some sections with 10 Mbs that should be increased, or is everything on gigabyte connections?

    ... keeping in mind that CEO is not an IT person.
    IMHO typical, but very tough to respond to. Big, BIG topic.

    They may, or may have a friend ( inside or outside the company ) that knows ( or think they do ) a little about IT.
    Many are intimidated by computers and can be sold anything by a lot of "fluff" in reports, however meaningless. ( many totally ignorant IT people use the old adage " If you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit" and for some, this works because their audience is at least as stupid as they are. )
    I believe more in the " If you can't dazzle them with brilliance then dumb it down to their level " approach. ( BTW, I am still trying to refine my methods. ) But, using this approach, if they or someone they confide in has some knowledge then you won't look like an ignorant ass and will be able to respond to any inquires posed.
    Fluff is nice for morons, liberals, or the professors who judge a thesis by throwing it up a flight of stairs ( those papers with enough bulk to make it to the top get an A, those that only go up one or two steps fail, etc. )
    The more intelligent and more knowledgeable ( by either or both the CEO or those that they confide in, ) the more substance will be required.

    Hope this helps, and sorry for the soap box.
    " And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be" --Miguel Cervantes

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    I would suggest that you need to look at the following, if only to be able to answer questions and demonstrate that you have done a thorough analysis.

    1. Times at which the system runs slow..............is there a pattern, what tasks are the users performing?

    2. Is there any geopgraphical pattern?............ certain branches or certain departments?

    3. What are the loads on the SQL servers? Perhaps the applications should be distributed differently?

    I have seen problems due to faulty communications equipment.

    I have seen problems because too many very popular applications were on the same server.

    I have seen problems because users didn't practice time management and all tried to do the same thing at the same time

    Basically you need to find where the bottlenecks are happening.

    Your problem is not uncommon, I have seen systems installed and deliberately "detuned" so as not to build up false performance expectations in the user community It sounds as if you let them have the full thing before the demand had stabilised?

    You might also look at the servers to see how much free space (%) there is. Also have a look at the applications development documentation and/or specifications.................. how many concurrent users are they supposed to support?

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