Old thread that I didn't want to resurrect here.

Pauldotcom.com is supposed to be pretty good, I haven't heard it yet.

Security Now with Steve Gibson is...well, it's Steve Gibson (of GRC fame...or infamy.) I'm a fan of Leo Laporte, who hosts with Steve. Leo's TechTV and TWiT host the show. It's mostly Security for Dummies, via a podcast, but if you can get through Steve's ranting and crying wolf, it's a very informative show. I won't say Steve is a dumb guy, he's very smart. I just don't like the causes he trumpets, or the means by which he does some things. The show also has a LOT of plugs for his SpinRite hard drive band-aid program (do not tell me it is a data-recovery application or I shall squash you under the muddy boot of truth and reality.)

The Silver Bullet Security Podcast is a nice interview style show (updates irregularly) by Craig McGraw of Cigital. He interviews different InfoSec pundits, curmudgeons, and gods. Good stuff.

Cyber Speak is an AWESOME digital/computer forensic focusing show, I'm new to it but the few I've heard are VERY good.

The Security Catalyst is OK in a touchy feely Tony Robinson sort of way. I like Santarcangelo (Michael is his first, I think), but he is a professional speaker on InfoSec, and it comes out in his show a lot. Lot's of plugs for the forums on his site (traffic drivers) and his business.

Network Security Podcast is ok. I try to like Martin McKeay, but he gets on my nerves real fast. Not sure why. But it's worth listening to.

And last, but certainly not least, is SecThis.com These guys are AWESOME. There is drinking on the show, honest personal opinions from guys in the trenches of working security (you have to be a CISSP to be on the show. not much of an honor, actually, if you listen to the guys.) and they blast everything and everyone, including each other, if they feel the need. Good stuff.

I've heard of others but have no knowledge of them.

So what do you guys listen to (that is Security focused?)

P.S. You can find all of these in iTunes if you do a search for Security Podcast. If you don't have iTunes, Google is your friend.