When I read stuff like that, I dunno whether I should laugh or get upset !?

Lebanon is NOT an islamic country, nonetheless Beirut !!!
We have about 65% muslim and 35% Christian. (unofficial of course)
This country is based on religious diversity and we lived a long civil war that made us appreciate what we have.

Anyhow even in 1965 I don't understand what made you think back then that it was islamic: christians have been in Lebanon since forever,the parliament is 50-50 christian-muslim and the president has always been christian (except now cause we don't have one), and there aren't ANY rules based on a religion imposed on others.

On the other hand, let's get back to the subject, my ISP has no political influences, he's just an ******* and I don't like him seeing what i browse !

And by the way I study in the AMERICAN University of Beirut, and there (cause it's a university) they also monitor all my traffiic and I don't like that either, I mean I do have a right for privacy.

But still, it's a matter of ports, how to make TOR connect to other ports while I am connecting to TOR using the HTTP(80) allowed protocol.