I was wondering if somebody on this forum could advise me here? I live in an apartment building with about 10 - 20 other wireless networks in addition to my own visible to my computer's wireless card at any time. I have my own router WEP encrypted and the admin for the wireless is also set up with a password so only I can access it.

My question is: I have noticed at times strange login ID's saved in the login boxes for various web sites I need to login at: email accounts, ebay account, paypal, etc. They all look the same. Here's exactly what will happen:

I will log in at Gmail with my login name, "otisisbald"

a few days later, when logging in again, I notice as I type in "otisisbald" and that term autofills in the login box, I see another term also prefilling which will look like this: "otisbotisbotisbotisb...." It appears as if somehow the first portion of my login ID was typed into the login box repeatedly. If i select that, the password box will then have what appears to be a limitless amount of characters.

I have a similar situation occur with logging into ebay on another of the ID's I use there.

It occured to me that somehow there could be a remote attempt to log in to those accounts through my computer, although as I mentioned my wireless is secure, and I don't have a wireless keyboard so I'm not sure how my computer could have been accessed remotely. I am using an updated version of McAfee antivirus and regularly check for spyware on my computer.

Advice would be much appreciated