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    IIS Questions

    Here I am, just sitting at home and I get the good idea to create a web server on my system where I can access my MP3 files, audio books, family pictures. However I set it so I can authenticate so that nobody can just access it using basic authentication. Anonymous authentication is turned off. Here is my folder scheme. I have it set up so that each of these folders have the IIS_user group in the security with check boxes next to List folder contents, Read, Read and execute. My user is part of the IIS_users group.

    * means folder


    My problem seems to be with permissions. If I open my webpage on an externally networked system it asks me to log in. I put in my user name and password, and sometimes the index page will come up. Sometimes it will ask me for a username and password over and over, until it finally gives me a "you do not have permission to view this page..."
    like I said before, I can sometimes access the main index perfectly however if I try to goto some other links it will ask me over and over again for my user name and password until finally it says "you do not have permission to view this page"

    I am very new to IIS; I just wanted to mess around a little bit to improve my skills. I love to learn new things. Is there any kind of permission auditing tools available or any documentation available where I can read up on what I am doing wrong?

    Any suggestions and likes would be appreciated. I am using IIS 7.0 on vista

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    I'm guessing that the external machines are not on the same network? If they are not on the same network, than simple authentication is what you want to use. That is where it will ask you for a simple user name and password.

    If your client computer and the IIS server are in the same domain you would use windows(kerberos) authentication.

    I think you may want to go read up on what the different authentication models are, and when you want to use them.


    A technet search will turn up any form of documentation you could want on IIS.

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    Thanks for your help Mohaughn, i acualy found the issue myself. it seemed to be that i was useing windows authentication rather then basic. it would work on one computer but not from another, and i found the issue. it seems that the proxy i was using from one of the systems does not like the encriped passwords being sent through it.

    Thanks again. (basic authentication works really well)

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