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    Panasonic's 103in plasma TV

    Like Slashdot says, if you can afford a room big enough to house it, you can probably afford the TV! Read the review on

    Panasonic's 103 in plasma TV
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    Holy crap, that costs way more than my car! You'd have to buy an insurance plan just for the TV!

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    That much money for a Panasonic product? I don't think so. Back in the day they had a bad rep for building products with cheap parts. In the 80's that is.

    Correct me if IM wrong but don't those new plasma TVs only has a life of 4 to 6 years average, if that?

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    Computernerd: I don't think I'd get a plasma from panasonic that big. Actually, I wouldn't get a plasma that big at all.

    My buddy at work got a 42inch one from panasonic with the ambilight feature. He's had to exchange it twice already and it's only 2 years old.

    I think the life of the orignal plasmas were around 30,000 hours (~6-7 years) ? I think the new ones are around 60,000 hours (~12-13 years). I'm pretty sure thats continued use too... who watches tv that much? I'm good for 30 minutes to 1hr during the week to watch news. Maybe on the weekend I'll sit down for a 2hr movie.

    Panasonic isn't horrible. I've had a tube TV from them for about 8 years now. My Sony only lasted 5 years...

    Someone else I know already had a kickass surround sound system and was looking into all of the options for a larger screen. He put in a 110" ceiling mounted projection system. He painted the screen onto the wall. I don't get why people need such a big screen. Although, I did watch a couple of football games on it and it was pretty kick ass. I don't think I'd want to watch everyday tv on it all the time though. Especially becase we were only 12 feet from the screen. It kind of made me dizzy after a while.

    I wanted to plug in my PC to it and play Half Life 2 or Farcry on it. Now, that'd be the ONLY reason I'd go for a screen that big. FPS!
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    I can only imagine how amazing WoW would look on that thing, coupled with a quality audio setup and raiding would actually be worth it just for the visuals!
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    The problem with games played on a wall would be the habit of looking over your shoulder to try and see people behind you :P


    The additional thought occurs - what the heck would that thing do to your leccy bill?
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    Panasonic actually makes one of the best plasmas out there right now. They have been ranked in the top of the charts for sometime. As far as that large of a plasma... you'd have to have stupid money, i would get a HD projector instead. As far as life on them... Phish is right on with the life for them.
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