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    flood in New Jersey

    I know no one really gives a **** in light of VT shooting (I went to that school) but North Jersey got flooded really bad. Personally I got nice and f...ed. All my clothes are ruined (sewer water). Yes I can dry some stuff but all the nice suits and leather is in the garbage. 4 out of my 5 systems are dead. I have 1 computer left, guys; and it isn't even the best one. I don't have "much" in my life but now I have truly ****.
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    Sorry to hear about your loss. I'm not far from NJ (near philly) and we didn't get much flooding at all. I've been crazy busy at work lately, so I haven't even picked up a news paper or turned on the news. I didn't realize that NJ got hit badly.

    I hope you had insurance?
    I take it now you're very very_unhappy? Sorry... had to.
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    Sorry to hear that very_unhappy. Some of us do give a ****. Hope it all works out in the end for you.
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    Sorry to hear about it mate, I hope you get sorted out soon. Yes, I do have sympathy, my hometown suffers from the same problem on a regular basis.


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    Talking Floods in Ireland

    Don't forget about the floods in Ireland
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    Won't insurance help cover you? Or is that part of the problem?
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    Insurance only covers the current value of stuff, not the new value so straight off you loose out. Not to mention the excess.

    And come on, the bitch it is to rebuy most of your property even if someone else is paying.

    Hope ya manage to get it sorted.
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    Thanx guys...

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