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Thread: VB and C#

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    VB and C#


    Can i use vb(or vb.net) and c#(or c#.net) together in a project? if yes, how?


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    Sure It's already been done. It's called Vista


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    you can certainly combine the two .net languages, they will both compile to that wierd MSIL IIRC. As to how you would do it, its been too long since I looked at something more complex than perl or PHP for me to tell you :/
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    To be picky: No, you cannot use two different .NET languages in one project.
    However, you can use classes/methods/... written in c# in a vb.net-project
    and vice versa.

    A "project", as the term is used in a .NET environment, results (usually) in one
    dll (assembly). An assembly is written in one particular .NET language.

    However, you can add references to a project/assembly written in
    another .NET language, and due to the mechanism of reflections you won't
    see any differences in your development environment (if it is worth something).
    I won't lecture about IL applications and the CLR, but these concepts (similar
    to the philosophy behind java) are responsible for a smooth execution.
    I mention those terms for completeness and for you to google if you want
    to go somewhat deeper.

    (to be even more picky: it is possible in ASP.NET to mix code[1]. However,
    two compilations actually are performed, which corresponds in ordinary
    .NET applications to two separate projects.)

    Good luck.


    P.s. A big hello to everybody here - Unfortunately, I am currently too busy (or unable) to participate more, but I am lurking

    [1] http://www.dotnetbips.com/articles/1...f808f1cd0.aspx
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